Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sketch Series 1

Perceptual Clarity:

The Iarc studio is a very clear and focused space because of the overall uniform lighting. The overhead lighting is spaced out so that the light overlaps and doesn't leave high contrast with the lights. Although, because the lamps are exposed, the lights can be sometimes glary and cold. The fact that the lights are on a grid makes it easy to navigate through the space without being distracted by high and low levels of light. Also, because the ceilings are exposed and two stories, the visual clarity is heightened even more, making it a very open clear space.

The lobby of the Gatewood Building is spacious because of the variety of lights that are in the space. The overhead lights, while on a grid, are not uniform throughout the space. In some parts there are pendants and in the others, there are track lighting and this allows for the lobby to be broken into smaller parts. The tall ceilings and natural daylight aid in the feeling of openness in the lobby. Also, the fact that the space doesn't have many objects relays the open concept as well as a spacious feeling.


The 2nd floor student lounge is not relaxing at all. The harsh yellow overhead light makes the space feel very tense and uninviting. The exposed lamps cause eye strain and brightness of the lamps is unbearable. The reflective white surfaces around the room do nothing but just reflect the harsh light back to your eye and causes uncomfortable glare. Although the lamp color is warm, the brightness and intensity of the lamp makes the whole room feel very tense.

The Iarc Material Library is pleasant because of the comfortable seating and the overhead lighting. The uniform florescent lighting, although cool, is not too overbearing because the light is not intense or glary. The light fixture disperses the light better than if the lights were pendants, like in the rest of the building. The surfaces are also not very reflective, so the light is just lighting the surfaces, instead of bouncing off and hitting your eye and create a glare.

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