Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sketch Series 2

 In the Gatewood Gallery on the 1st floor, there is mainly track lighting on a grid throughout the space, with more around the edges pointed at the wall, while the ones in the center are angled more down to highlight pieces. Natural light is also seen in the space from the lobby. Because the lights are halogen, their color is warm and dim, so there isn't any glare. The track lighting allows for a more dramatic lighting pattern in which there are spots that are very bright, and some that are dim with no light directly on it, making people focus on the art that is highlighted, rather than the parts where a light is not directed.

At P.F. Chang's at Friendly Center, there is both track lighting and individual pendant lighting. The track lighting is on a grid throughout the space, and mainly pointed at walls and murals, and at high traffic areas. The pendant lights are aligned in a row, depending on where a table is. The track lighting is halogen and the pendant lights are a warm florescent lamp. The pendant light fixtures create a sense of intimacy but both the track lighting and the pendants attract people and focus their attention. The pendants can become too intense because they have an exposed lamp from the bottom, creating a brighter light on the table, but the lamp is shielded from the around, helping to reduce any glare.

At Charming Charlie's at Friendly Center, a mixture of recessed MR16 lighting and direct light from chandeliers helps to create a well lit space. The recessed lighting on the lowered ceilings that they have throughout the space is quite moderate, whereas the recessed light from above the lowered ceiling is very intense and glary. The chandelier lighting is many for the sparkle effect and doesn't provide much light. Overall, the space is evenly lit and the light is distributed all over, which doesn't create much contrast. The lighting is drawing people into the displays so that they can look closely at them and feel contained under the lowered ceiling.

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